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Hi Martin:

The draft was circulated to the Open Courseware Consortium, of which the Open University UK is a member. I am sorry that it was then not shared more widely within your organisation, since your comments would have been very useful; and are useful now!

There is still some room for improvements mainly in the FAQs which are the real (soya)mince of the declaration. We have also considered multiple versions of the document, and hosting it on a wiki. There is an issue with asking people to sign-off on a declaration that might be changing over time, and having different people sign different versions could dilute the message a bit. I am not sure we found the perfect solution, but we tried do the right thing, and I am glad that while you are pointing out some of these issues, you still feel the final result deserves your support.

Thanks! P


Thanks Philipp - I appreciate very much that it is a difficult task, and I understand that it's necessary to have a group at the start to focus attention. I also think it's admirable so we shouldn't get drawn in to disagreements. Having said that 'openness is a state of mind' so we have to find ways of resolving some of these difficulties.
I was very pleased to see pedagogy get a mention though - this will be crucial and is what has been missing in much of the work thus far.


Hi Martin,

I like parts of your 3 strategies, although "'release the content and they will come' hasn't been shown to be a particularly effective strategy"? Maybe not so far as individual institutions like OU are concerned (our content), but 7 billion hits on WikiProjects last month seems like reasonable evidence of people making content "theirs".

Hopefully Open_Education_Declaration will become one page where some remote groups can do some improving; this guy is a terrible editor.

Declarations come and go but they're just words; a bit like all the suggestions I find made by some various bright minds on their own blogs. No I'm not having a go. It's got to be better than "developing a vast pool of educational resources". Arrghh!!!

Dammit, if they would only listen to MY suggestions for ''the right pool, the world would be a better place. Do you think we have we got to the point yet where we can start reconfiguring the Internet to suit the comms of global groups rwther than the info of National institutions?

Merry Christmas to all. Please`pass on my regards to Patrick and Alex. They've been my archetypes in the OU = Patrick for the content, Alex for the containers.
Ref: http://www.oclc.org/reports/2004format.htm


Just a note, if you're wondering where the article went to. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Simonfj

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