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I discovered that one of my friends was doing the same course as me as a result of the item the app puts on your feed - something I probably wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

I'm sure it's on your wish list, but I'd really like to be able to find out who else is studying the same course presentation, in the same way that I can find all the folk who play World of Warcraft on my server with the WoW app that I've got installed.


We've wondered about that Juliette - for instance when I click on a book in my bookshelf it shows me who else is reading that book, not just my friends. I can see how it would be useful, but I think we'd probably want to let people control the privacy element. Liam is working on this I think.


Would it be possible to do a version for OU courses people have worked on? I like the simplicity of it and it could be extended to help foster community amongst ALs / acknowledge the distinction between studying and working on a course for those who do both.

Or something along those lines!


It's on its way Sarah!


very nice, but, yes, being able to see who else had done that course the same year would be useful - some great conversations on First Class that were never completed as people got dropped from the system once they were no longer on a course. It might make up for the useless alumni site :-)


an additional thought - the link back to the course information is a great idea, but most of my courses are now defunct, so they are dead links, which I know, but anyone else clicking on it would not.

If there is no way to link to info about what the course used to be about (very time consuming and probably not sustainable) it might be better from the user POV to have a generic link that kicks in when that happens - along the lines of "you have requested information on a course which is no longer current".


Thought I saw some OU and Facebook links somehwere so I googled and arrived here.
Just thought you should know that Facebook gets a thorough panning in today's Guardian http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/alex_hilton/2007/04/the_dark_side_of_facebook.html
and on the face of it should be avoided.


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