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Guy Pursey

Fiction. I love reading articles, interviews and (case in point) blog postings but can't enjoy a story unless its on paper and bound up with (preferably) a nice paperback cover.

Amazon, etc are great but I don't think the digital age offers much in the way of storytelling itself - in fact, the digital age seems to be entirely at odds with it and I'm personally not ready to be "liberated" from the "constraints" of narrative.


Guy, of course! Yes, I'm a book snob. I'm happy to read academic stuff online, but fiction has to be paper.


Books, sure. But vinyl LPs too. Superior artwork. I love browsing used record stores (ere's so much stuff available that's never been digitized). And I get a tactile pleasure from placing a disc on the turntable and dropping the needle.


Hi Brian, this is one I've surrendered. I used to love my vinyl, but as a student I didn't have the storage and shifted over to CDs, and I never felt that tactile attachment to a CD, so from there the move to MP3s was easy.I still remember the joy of holding Sandinista in my hands though - 3 whole albums!


I love this question. I think I'm only an analogue snob about books. I <3 my books.

And the strangest thing is that I now buy CDs, whereas I've only ever had stolen MP3s ;)

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