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Why do you have a dog? It's a good thing. But why did you get one?


Hi. I am giving a speech to motivate my audience to blog. I read your post on reasons to blog, could you give me any more suggestions why blogging is great? My audience is aware of blogging but they don't think they have time for it. I'm trying to show them the immediate and long term benefits of blogging. Thanks!!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm new to blogging, and still thinking through the reasons why I should bother, and the purpose of my blog. These points are a good addition to those I've read (and liked) at http://elearningtech.blogspot.com/2006/10/top-ten-reasons-to-blog-and-top-ten.html
As someone who values transparency, I particularly liked the first reasons, but find it a little daunting to be so exposed.


I dont understand what blogging is what its for and the point to it can someone plzz!!!!!!! explain

Anastasia Marou

I blog because I love to write about both trivial and serious issues and because blogging is a unique way to raise culture awareness.

Bernie Goldbach

Thanks for sharing your reasons for blogging. It turns out that my newest students fear social networks more than they fear penning a few thoughts on a blog.

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