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AJ Cann

I have such mixed feelings about this "Just Do It" approach. On the one hand, I accept the rocket science argument, but having spent years trying to encourage colleagues to take an evidence-based approach to pedagogic development which is just the opposite, it makes me very uneasy. Please help me!
Schizophrenic of Leicester :-)


I think we can be a bit too precious about education, which makes us reluctant to just try things out sometimes. A lot of these tools can be just fun stuff on the side. And even if you make them more central, you don't really need a lot of evidence to use, say, blogs or wikis. Just try them and get students to reflect on their use. The Hawthorne effect is usually put forward as a bad thing, but it also protects us in a way, since you can experiment and the very fact of doing something new is likely to invigorate students and educator alike.

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