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AJ Cann

Ah, you made one crucial mistake, ordering online a week before Christmas. This year, for the first time ever, I bought all of my Christmas presents online. I'm not particularly proud of that (it feels like a dirty secret), it just kinda happened. The crucial thing is: don't order anything after the end on November or before the first week of February!


Martin, ditto your experience. I think out of all my christmas orders, placed weeks in advance, I didn't have a single one which didn't go wrong in some way. Citylink - don't get me started on them, I drove all the way to their depot at Cardiff once, waited in the car for 2 cold hours for the driver to return, only to be told they had dropped my parcel off ! Even the usually reliable Amazon, who use the same people who deliver catalogue stuff - The Home Delivery Network (who again are normally reliable, I'm told) took 10 days to deliver a parcel, which amounted to 14 day delivery - now that really us Super Saver ! The most frustrating thing is being able to track a package from supplier to depot to courier, to depot, to courier, to depot, to courier (you get the idea), but then not be able to speak to anyone in that depot - I kid you not, a Stealth-depot, no telephone number or email address on their website, or yellow pages or BT directory. Only for a digital photo frame, back to the High Street for me next year !


I admit that this year I too purchased a number of items "on-line". Most have been OK but a couple have been less than acceptable service. I ordered a Hi-Fi for my daughter 14/12/07. The Web site stated deliver 2-3 days. 9 days later the goods were still "virtual" so I phoned. NOT IN STOCK, I was informed, didnt you get a e-mail? If I got an e-mail I would have been onto you IMMEDIATELY. Not in stock with us or at the suppliers. They hold your money for 9 days then inform you 2 days prior to Xmas daty that the goods will not be delivered. They take your cash IMMEDIATELY off your C/Card but seem a little slower at processing the refund? There appears little control over Internet based suppliers who advertise products when they dont actually have them, fail to deliver, fail to relay order status and sit on your money until you complain?

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