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Couldn't agree more Martin. Excessive blinkered focus on 'learning objectives or pedagogy' leads ultimately to content free courses.


Not sure I agree with this Martin. Sure pedagogy first is an easy target, after all education is politically and policy driven so pedagogy is often not the first consideration at all levels.

Technology is an odd area though and I would want to add a couple of comments:

1. Technology is not some independent force it is social by nature. Who will 'take' these technologies and how will they appropriate them?

2. When I have been involved either in re-design or building a course from scratch I think I start from 'what do I want to achieve'. This would be a complex of motivations and it would immediately be modified by thinking what resources do I have in terms of people time and technologies to achieve this.

So OK pedagogy first is a reasonable target but placing the technology in the driving seat might not be the answer.

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