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Dear Prof. Weller/Martin,

I read this post with interest. It is fascinating to follow some of the developments and I look forward to experiencing how the MOOC ideas will evolve. It is easy (too easy?) to bin an innovative idea, and it does happen (often). But pioneers keep pushing the boundaries as they have a vision even if they haven't thought about the details yet. They see the big picture. Taking risks and developing ideas is part of experimentation and creating something of value.

You make valuable suggestions in how open courses or open course elements could be beneficial for students, facilitators and institutions.

I have started a PhD in open learning in the context of academic development and am offering an open pilot with a colleague from a Swedish institution. The pilot is a course around Flexible, Distance and Online Learning and has been co-designed by developers in both institutions. We share resources, expertise and plan to offer the course together to our staff at both institutions as a staff development opportunity but also to anybody else who would like to join us.

The FDOL site is available at
https://fdol.wordpress.com/ just in case you would like to have a look.

Thank you for reading my comments.



Hi Chrissi
(yes, just Martin is fine :)
Thanks for this, will take a look today. My course starts mid-march, so there may be things of interest there too. And you're right, dismissing stuff is easy, but seeing beyond the hype to the actual potential is more difficult.


Hi Martin ;),

Thank you for replying. Will be looking with interest to find out more about your course. I am also interested in your comments about our open FDOL course, but only if you have the time.

Wishing you a creative weekend.

Joseph Saviri

This is a thoughtful post indeed - am about to participate in some Coursera offerings. As a matter of interest - it would be very interesting to have someone from the OU to join us on the Education Stream: http://www.liv.ac.uk/law/bileta/callforpapers/

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