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AJ Cann

I spotted mine, but it was easy because of the subject-related tags (biology, medicine, science :-)

Is anyone else fed up with end of year review lists yet? I think I'll bung up a Wordle and use the time I save to ...

Manish Malik

6 = Grainne Conole was obvious...her blog colours are very unique, I did not require the cloud to recognise it :)


beyondgoogle is the giveaway on psychemedia's. :-)

Jim Groom


This is too fun, and as I look at these clouds in comparison, I realize mine is the most directionless and least edtech, which is a source of pride. I'm surprised nothing WordPress came up, but I guess the tag cloud in my sidebar is random, the real deal is here: http://bavatuesdays.com/bavatags-2/ :)

An interesting thing about this is in many of the clouds you see a recurring pattern of interest, one thing I have used tags for, as opposed to categories, is kind of like a keyword. Which means many of my tags are one-offs, some of which will probably never be used again. Meaning it is a taxonomical nightmare, truly arbitrary to my whim. Nonetheless, that does tell you a lot about a person and their completely disorganized way of thinking and connecting. Whereas the rest seem to have a logic, and that is reflected in their cogent and actually useful posts.


@Jim Wordpress probably is there but I just did a quick screen grab and didn't fit it all in. What is interesting is that these are the tags we apply. A word cloud generated from our actual text eg Wordle based would be quite different.

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