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Manish Malik

Agree with the affordances you mention, but I use e-logs with students to assess their contributions and they use forums or wikis to work collaboratively. The goal is set by the assignment and individual work is recorded in logs and collaboration takes place in f2f or forum environment.

Constructivist methods encourages collaborative work but also group feedback. One issue with collaborative tools is that you loose on the ability to provide a personalised feedback to all students as their work develops. One tends to give group feedback in such implementations. Giving individual support sounds time consuming, but with e-logs i only ever get 5-6 posts for a class of 60. So my students get a personalised feedback and yet work collaboratively. Additionally the group feedback is not reqeeuired any longer. With proper tools you can create wehat I call an "eGurukul", where constructivist activities take place yet the presence of the Expert/ Guru is at a personal level (as in gurukuls) via e-logs and also at a group level (as in any constructivist activity)via forums if needed. This has changed things for me, especially in PBL implementations where passangers are a real issue in group work.

José Mota

Thanks for the tip. I think I'll try this one when possible. Team work is great for some things, but it's never easy in educational contexts, with grades involved, to avoid some taking advantage of the work of others. This might help a bit in that respect.

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