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Yes indeed.

JISC and CETIS predicted the free content & peer support, pay for academic support, assessment, accreditation idea back at ALT2010 (http://followersoftheapocalyp.se/oer-futures-and-universality-inc-altc2010). There's really only the point at which you pay differing stuff like that from early 00s online learning.

Dave Cormier has an interesting angle on this too: http://davecormier.com/edblog/2012/06/24/a-dead-head-sticker-on-a-cadillac-the-new-open-learning/

I like your bridge design point, really useful metaphor. :-)


A nice timely post - I've been musing about this since the launch of EdX and Coursera. Is there another characteristic difference about open licencing?
Traditional large-scale online courses have often been restricted copyright, but it looks to me like emerging moOcs seem to be using more CC or similar material - EdX make a big point of this in their publicity.


I think that there are still some open options that can offer support within the MOOC model. I think doing summer camps (schools) would certainly be useful - they could be freeish like BarCamps or paid for.

We're currently working on a MOOC-inspired course and building in opportunities to pay for individual tutor support.


@Tony - yes, that's an important distinction to make. Although a lot of the new commercial ones eg coursera, aren't CC, and in that respect aren't very open.
@Dominik - I agree - the mixing of models will be very interesting. A simple model might be 'the first quarter of every course is run as a mooc' then people sign up for more if they want it. I like the idea of a summer school, I think there could be real mileage in that.

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