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AJ Cann

Glad you were honest about checking your stats. Are you sure that's not the first thing you do when you log on? ;-)


I am tempted to give the standard rock star response 'I'm just doing stuff I like, and if anyone else likes it, that's a bonus.' (read I really want lots of money)

Scott Leslie

I sympathize, but a quote from a video by Jay Cross I was watching last night made me feel slightly better (and it may not be exact) - "for knowledge workers, the conversation is the work." Obviously within reason, but it feels true - connecting with peers and with the ongoing conversation isn't 'optional' but essential.


Thanks Scott, that's a great quote, and there is a lot of truth in it (although I'm not sure my boss would buy it). But certainly being connected is how a modern academic (or at least an ed tech one) functions, and that's not connected in the old boy network way, but to views, content, people.

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