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Stephen Heppell

Thanks - useful comments (and I chuckled at the "in a room where I was an amateur at the evangelism stuff, I took on the 'devils advocate' role" - partly because I'm not really sure any of us are much good at evengelism to be honest - but we do have good track records of making effective, large scale social spaces work. It is curious really that learning doesn't properly have such a space - and interesting to see people trying hard to build learning into YouTube, MyArtSpace (even WebCT lol) etc etc.

I'm excited about the progress we made - very very faithful to the original, radical, OU philosophy, but very 21st century too; driving past Walton hall I'm sure i could see the ghoost of Jennie Lee dncing on the (old) library roof...


Thanks Stephen - I think it's exciting too. I think it is important that we have external involvement from people such as yourself to avoid it becoming too OU-centric.

AJ Cann

But your rational scepticism is why I read this blog Martin :-)
The same arguments apply to wikis - the critical mass for success is very large, and I have not encountered an example other than Wikipedia which works for that reason.

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