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Andrew Read

Just when I thought I could give up my day job.

It is a wonder how the WSJ can write such rubbish - is it part of the dumbing-down now that Rupert has control?


Thanks for the link!

I think there's little doubt that blogging has not only become increasingly legitimate, but also increasingly important. A lot of best sellers have had blogs set up to promote the book. I find it difficult to call this "flacks" or anything of the sort considering Chris Anderson's blog is one of them, and it's one of my favorite media analysis blogs around.

The WSJ article was silly; "don't quit your day job" will remain the mantra of blogging for money for as long as there is blogging, I'm convinced. But I suspect that it will become increasingly important for academics, programmers, people from just about any walk of life, to maintain a blog. It's free space to build a portfolio and make contacts, after all! :)

Sue Waters

Blogging opens up opportunities and means that individuals that blog are more likely to be noticed for their expertise on a global scale while experts who choose not to blog may eventually find their expertise is only valued locally.

The flip side is people can confuse the size of your online presence (or lack of it) with your ability. I've had situations where people consider I'm more of an expert (on mobile technology when I was into it) than my close friend; based solely on the difference in size of our online presence. Reality was the opposite. She has considerably more expertise and skills.

PS blogging is why I now get to do what I do and am paid well for it :)

aion power leveling

It is a wonder how the WSJ can write such rubbish - is it part of the dumbing-down now that Rupert has control?

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